María Baideldinova

Maria Baideldinova

Assistant Professor at KIMEP University, School of Law, Almaty, Kazakhstan. She teaches the first university course of Animal Law ever introduced in Kazakhstan and is legal consultant of several animal protection NGOs, like KARE-Zabota. Maria Baideldinova is promoting the reform of Kazakhstan's legislation on animals and is contributing to a draft law on animal protection. Maria Baideldinova holds an LL.M from the Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany, and a PhD in Family Law from the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa, Italy.



  • Recent developments in Animal Law in Kazakhstan, Global Journal of Animal Law, 2017, Special issue
  • To the question of property relations of spouses in Kazakhstan’s family law: matrimonial property regimes [К вопросу об имущественных отношениях супругов в казахстанском семейном праве: режмимы собственности супругов]. KazNU Bulletin, 2015, No.4
  • The Link between Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse [Взаимосвязь бытового насилия и жестокого обращения с животными]. KazNUBulletin, 2014, No.4
  • Animal Law in Kazakhstan: A Survey. Global Journal of Animal Law, 2013, No. 2.
  • Some aspects of the determination of the parties of marriage contract and their legal capacity in the legislation of the Post-Soviet countries [Некоторые Аспекты Определения Сторон Брачного Договора и их Дееспособности в Законодательствах Постсоветских Государств], Analytic, Аналитическоеобозрение, №5, p. 94 – 100, Almaty, 2008
  • Угрозы экологической безопасности на Каспийском Море, Казахстан- Спектр, N3, p.22-29, Алматы, 2004

Book chapters

  • Alimony responsibility of parents and other family members towards disabled adult children by the legislation of Kazakhstan.  In Les solidarités entre générations. Solidarities between Generations, edited by Hugues Fulchiron. Bruylant, Brussels 2013.
  • The Reform of the Family Legislation of Kazakhstan: Expectations and Outcomes. In The International Survey of Family Law, edited by Bill Atkin. Family Law/Jordan Publishing Ltd, Bristol 2013.
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  • Matrimonial Property and Its Contractual Regulation in Kazakhstan. In The International Survey of Family Law, edited by Bill Atkin. Family Law/Jordan Publishing Ltd, Bristol 2013.

Conference presentations

  • Recent developments in Animal Law in Kazakhstan, Educational Group for Animal Law Studies conference, Slaski University, Katowice, Poland, 27-28 September 2017
  • Legal Aspects of Termination of Property Right in Kazakhstan. Expropriation of Land for State Needs, Property right workshop, Kimep University, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 1 September 2017
  • The inequality between adopted and biological children in Kazakhstan's adoption law, International Society of Family Law Conference, Free University of Alsterdam, Amsterdam, 25-29 July 2017
  • Animal welfare in the regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union and in the legislation of Kazakhstan, AgLaw Colloquium:  Agri-Food  And Environmental Regulatory Agenda In Regional Trade Agreements. Legal Implications And Trends. Pisa, Italy, 20 - 21 October 2016
  • Principle of freedom of contract applied to property relations of spouses: comparative analysis of the legislations of Kazakhstan and Italy [Принцип свободы договора применительно к имущественным отношениям супругов: сравнительный анализ законодательств Казахстана и Италии], International Conference: Civil Legislation of Kazakhstan and other post-soviet countries: past, present and future, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 29 – 30 September 2016
  • Teaching Animal Law in Kazakhstan, II World Conference in Animal Law, Barcelona, Spain, 2014
  • The link between Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence, KIMEP International Research Conference (KIRC), Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2014.
  • Animal Anticruelty Legislation in Kazakhstan: Completely Ineffective, KIRC, Almaty, Kazakhstan 2013.
  • Impact of the Reform of the Adoption Process in Kazakhstan, KIRC, Almaty, Kazakhstan, April 2013.
  • The Recent Reform of the Family Legislation of Kazakhstan: Expectations and Outcomes, KIRC, Almaty 2012.
  • Current Trends of the Animal Protection Legislation in Kazakhstan and in Neighboring Countries, KIRC, Almaty, Kazakhstan 2012.
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