Marine Lercier

Marine Lercier

A very enriching experience, humanly and professionally. A good opportunity to meet experienced professionals and professors to gain a quality network, as well as to meet animal enthusiasts and vegans from around the world and share opinions on the best strategies to defend animals’ interests.
Good lectures and quantity of materials to feed thoughts on animal ethics, animal welfare and animal rights and acquire a good knowledge of animal law and science.

Marine Lercier (France)
Ed. 2016-2017
Trabajo actual

Intern, European Portfolio Officer, CAROhorse Project, FOUR PAWS EUROPE (Brussels).

¿Por qué escogiste este Máster?

After gaining expertise in human fundamental rights and going vegan, I wanted to expand my sphere of legal knowledge and philosophical and moral consideration to animals, intending in the future to develop a theory of fundamental rights for animals based on common, fundamental interests.

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