Clémentine Griveaud

Clémentine Griveaud

I am very glad that i had the opportunity to study animal law in Barcelona. Being a biologist, it was not so easy at first - the law- but i learnt a lot! Most lecturers were ready to help and happy to provide more info if i had questions. I also could learn spanish during my time there and many students of the Master remain friends today. We came from many places around the world so we could (and s)ll do!) share experiences and problems we face in our own country. So my time there was quite positive! We had a lot of time to study and it also allowed us to work on the side. I suggest any animal lover to study animal law!

Clémentine Griveaud (Francia)
Ed. 2014-2015
Trabajo actual

I have several jobs! I am a naturalist guide in summer (specialist in marine birds/fishes/ marine mammals), a biology teacher and a therapist for humans and animals (shiatsu). I am also a vegan ac)vist and i write ar)cles about animal ethology in order to raise awareness about animal sen)ence. I support several organizations fighting factory farming and hunting.

¿Por qué escogiste este Máster?

Long-)me animal rights ac)vist, i wanted to study animal law in order to be more efficient in my ac)vist engagement. This Master was the only one in Europe.

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