Inaugurating a new section: 'News from the Courts'

Every day there are more judicial procedures which are started related to Animal Law in the criminal, administrative and civil courts. Behind this evolution one can see the progressive development of legislation about animals, as well as the effort and commitment of those who urge the judicial application wherever these regulations have been violated.

Titled News from the Courts, the website derecho ANIMAL as of today has a new space, dedicated specifically to animal jurisprudence. From this section, and thanks to the collaboration with the Centro de Documentación Judicial (CENDOJ) [Center of Legal Documentation], we will publish:

  • A quarterly bulletin of novelties in jurisprudence which will collect all the Sentences dictated regarding to Animal Law, both in the Provincial Courts and the High Courts of Justice of the different Autonomous Communities, as well as the Supreme Court.

  • News related with the application of Animal Law by the judicial organs in Spanish territory.

  • Selection of sentences of special interest, commented by professional experts in the field.

Derecho Animal [Animal Law], the Web Center for Animals in the Law, is the first website in Spain to incorporate a database of legislation and jurisprudence on animals. With this new section, we will continue working toward the goal for which it was created: put a new exhaustive, updated and detailed tool about the progress of our legislation and jurisprudence related to animal protection within everyone’s reach.

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