Echoes in the press of the op-ed article from July, 'Dolphins: An Ethical Question'

The UAB press dossier refers to the article published in the Diario de Mallorca (July 24 2013), by the clinical Psychologist César Kacélnik. In the article, the autor mentions the editor of the Derecho Animal website, Professor Dra Teresa Giménez-Candela, as the creator of the first Master of Animal Law and Society in a Spanish University.

The article in the Mallorcan newspaper echoes the recently published opinion article from July, "Dolphins: An Ethical Question", in which Professor Giménez-Candela referred to the recent decision by the Government of India to ban dolphinariums. In the governmental text, dolphins are classified as “non-human persons”.

In July’s Front Row mentioned above, the editor justified in a succinct and clear manner the wisdom of this denomination, one that may be difficult to accept today, but which opens a path in accordance with the advancements in scientific knowledge about the superior nature of doplhins and other cetaceans.

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