T.GIMÉNEZ-CANDELA: Pioneer in Animal Law teaching in Spain

AUTHOR: Ignacio Alonso
TITLE: T.GIMÉNEZ-CANDELA: Pioneer in Animal Law teaching in Spain.

PUBLICATION PLACE : Revista del Consejo General de Veterinarios de España, noviembre-diciembre 2011, pag 35-37.
Reproduced in : dA web Center, January 2012


In this interview, we are told that there are three internationally recognized legal fields: animal law, animal welfare law and animal rights. All converge on a common vertebra, which is to improve the condition of the animals. But the responsibilities of each of the fields is different. Animal law is the individual's relationship to animals, private law basically. It analyzes the history of animal rights, indicating that for example in 1802 appears the first anti-cruelty law in the United Kingdom. It is a law prohibiting dog fighting bulls. Then the first society for the protection of animals and plants was founded and the Queen Victoria was named the president of this society. The fact that animals are "sentient" led to the formation of a council in the United Kingdom which presented to the Parliament the proposal that animals have to integrate them into a category in which their welfare is a priority. Today, by 2015 we could have a directive harmonizing the various standards of animal welfare in companion animals. In animal production and we have very fineness.

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