Teresa Giménez-Candela: Selling fur from dogs and cats is prohibited and it must be denounced

AUTHOR: J. Hernández
TITLE: Teresa Giménez-Candela: Vender peletería de perros y gatos está prohibido y hay que denunciarlo

PUBLICATION PLACE: informacion.es, edición Alicante
Reproduced in: dA web Center, January 2011


The goal of this interview is to discuss various issues relating to animal rights, issues of great importance and, as the interview makes clear, matters for which every day there is a greater social concern, having as a base the implementation of the first dedicated postgraduate to animal welfare legislation , taught at the UAB Professor of Roman Law, the Dra.Teresa Giménez-Candela

Thus, already in the nineteenth century in Britain, defended the five freedoms of the animals. Spain has done much, but there is still enough. We define the legal status of animals as things in property. Things are valued by the benefit they deliver and if this applies to the animal's behavior changes a lot to them. But the animals are suffering and feeling it
Despite the prohibition of the use of fur from dogs and cats, many shops still have to view these products. The conditions for breeding and death of these animals are extremely cruel and so when someone realizes one of these situations should report to the authorities.

Postgraduate Diploma "Animals, Law and Society", animal freedom, animals as things, animal suffering, fur of dogs and cats, report.

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