Steven WISE: 'Animals are treated by the Law as things'

This interview was published in "La Contra" of La Vanguardia on 13th August 2011, and was made by Ima Sanchís. The interviewed person is Professor Steven Wise, an expert in primatology and animal intelligence, and Professor of Law at Harvard University and Vermont University, besides some others, and Professor at the Postgraduate Diploma, which now has become the Master degree in Animals, Law and Society at the 2011-2012 academical year, organized by the ADS Research Group of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (ADS Research Group of the UAB). Professor Wise talks to us about Animal Law, and also explains why he specialized as Professor and Lawyer of this topic, and also about why animals have rights. Appart from many other aspects, Prof.Wise says that: 'Humans have given ourselves the status of juridical persons, we have decided that between all the million of species on the Earth we are the only ones who have rights, the rest are considered and treated as things (from a juridical point of view). This status of things denies them the most basic and fundamental rights: they are intentionatelly ignored and ridden roughshod over, and they suffer abuses in a rutinary way'.

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