Postgraduate Diploma of Animal Law

AUTHOR: Ràdio 4 , Programa "D'avui no passa"
TITLE: Postgrado de Derecho Animal.

EMISSION DATE: 23.2.2011
Reproduced in: dA web Center, February 2011.

L'assignatura de "Dret animal"


This distended interview begins commenting on the recent case " of the canine assassin " and what can do the Law against this, and the importance of the rapidity with which the fact was denounced. One has to be conscious that the animal is a sensitive being. The constant interview treating of the pioneering postdegree on animal right that nowadays there is given in the UAB and that the Profa. Giménez-Candela directs, his functioning and the aim. Is commented also that in Catalonia the law has stopped considering to the animals as things. The mistreatments that suffer the animals in the circuses, in spite of having a specific regulation. The hens in battery, the experimentation in animals, the corporate social responsibility, the personal responsibility of the adopter of animals. To do the easiest life to the animals to civil level, the animal is a companion of life.

Denunciation of facts against animals, pioneering Postgraduate Diploma in Spain, animal sensitive being, formation of the company on animal right. Roman law, animal mistreatment, hens in battery, producing animals, animal lovers, experimentation with animals, principle of the 3 R (to replace, to reduce, refine), RSC (corporate social responsibility), personal responsibility, responsible adopter, animal companion of life.

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