Presentation of the report prepared by the National High-Level Expert Comission

TITLE: Presentación del Informe elaborado por la Comisión Nacional de Expertos de Alto Nivel

EMISSION DATE: 30.10.2010
Reproduced in dA web Center, December 2010


"Animals have rights too." Animal welfare consists in the fact that animals are treated well. There has been a scientific report showing that animals feel and those feelings are felt in the quality of food products. In the Environment Committee of the Congress a group of experts has recommended the formulation of an animal welfare law to state that unifies the different regional policy. The expert commission was attended by Professor E.Alonso, who said that currently there are hundreds of inconsistent rules and loopholes and the science of animal welfare is still taught in Spain. M. Ibáñez, Professor of Animal Protection "animals experience pain and suffering, physically and psychologically." L.F.Gosálvez, Professor of Animal Production, "a tightening of animal welfare standards could result in increased production costs" . T.Giménez-Candela, Professor of Law at the UAB: "Animals are not things and this includes reforming the civil code and possibly the Constitution".

Arises how to incorporate these tips in our legislation. The law would regulate the entire life cycle of an animal from birth to death

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