Tirant lo Blanch consecrated most prestigious publisher in all disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences

Tirant lo Blanch
Tirant lo Blanch


According to the report recently published by the Spanish Academic Edition, Tirant lo Blanch, publisher of the book collection issued from the joint work of the International Center for Animal Law and Policy (ICALP) and the Masters in Animal Law and Society of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ‘Animals and the Law* , is considered as the most prestigious one in all disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), reaching a score of 1.037 according to the scale of the Indicators of Publishers’ Quality**.

We rejoice over the release of this news and reiterate our pride to have the honor to collaborate with the best editor for the publication of our works on Animal Law and the results of the ongoing research of our ICALP members in the area of the human-animal relationship in its various aspects. Congratulations!


* With five titles already published. See the book collection webpage

** also known as ICEE in Spanish. See the report attached to this news.

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