LA Historia Sin Fin, programa de radio

Marita Gimenez-Candela


LA historia sin fin (the never-ending story), radio program
Every Wednesday from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Declared of social, cultural and educational interest by the Honorable Senate of the Nation by resolution S-3725/15

This is a program based on the theme of the animal world, from the point of view of law and veterinary medicine. It is aimed at an audience -which is growing day by day- interested in being informed, sharing and debating everything concerning "non-human animals" (NHA). You will listen to us comment on: the advances in the recognition of their rights, legislatively, doctrinaire and jurisprudentially; the basic needs - and not so much - in the care of their health; the last local, national and international news that involve in some way an animal and the actions of the different actors - governmental, NGOs, lawyers, public in general, etc. - in front of this new branch of the law: The Animal Law!
Another fundamental aspect of our program is CONSCIOUS FEEDING! All that you would like to learn not only to maintain and increase your psychophysical health, but also the alternatives to preserve the life, freedom and dignity of the NAH

PRESENTERS: Lawyer Graciela Regina Adre and Veterinarian Jessica Guajardo.

RECURRENT GUESTS: Lawyers Marcela Lobo and Alejandra Claudia González Laserna, Ecology graduate Victoria Massola, and lawyer Víctor Policano Drago, along with others.

Twitter: @historiasinfinB - LAHistoriaSinFinfm
Facebook Page: La Historia Sin Fin Programa de Radio
Whatsapp: 291-5054969 and radio.
Instagram: lahistoriasinfin

1) The program, how all of the station, which is multimedia, is transmitted by Streaming Video, that is, you listen to us and you see us!
2) One of the main notes will be uploaded to the radio website.
3) It will be shared on the social networks of the radio.
4) The videos of the program notes, will also be uploaded to youtube channel of the radio.


La historia sin fin



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