Ecuador recognizes animals as law subjects

Ecuador reconoce a los animales como Sujetos de Derecho

AUTHOR: Verónica Aillón Albán. Lawyer. Victoria Animal Foundation Coordinator. Student of the 1st Online Edition of the Master in Animal Law and Society (UAB. Member of ICALP

ABSTRACT: Ecuadorian constitution of 2008 is the first in the world to recognize nature as a subject of rights (art. 71), however, despite this declaration, to date no judicial failure had been achieved in which animals, as elements of nature, deserve respect, guaranteed by the state. Regarding shows with animals, the referendum of 2011 in which the cantonal prohibition of shows whose purpose is the death of animals is settled, in Quito, the majority of population voted YES (to ban it). On December 4, 2019, for the first time in Ecuador, a cockfight is cancelled for these reasons.

KEY WORDS: Constitutional guarantee, precautionary measure, imminence, gravity, infringement, subject of rights.


Ecuador reconoce a los animales como Sujetos de Derecho


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