A writ of habeas corpus presented to liberate a chimpanzee from an Argentine zoo

Monti is a chimpanzee that arrived more than 40 years ago to the municipal zoo of San Francisco de Asís (Santiago del Estero) after having been abandoned by a travelling circus, because he suffered epilepsy. On June 30, the Asociación de Funcionarios y Abogados por los Derechos de los Animales (Association of Civil Servants and Attorneys for the Rights of Animals, AFADA) presented a writ of Habeas Corpus through which the legality of depriving the primate’s freedom is questioned and which requests that the animal is freed and transferred to a natural reserve in Brazil.

The proceedings are held in the seat of the 3rd Criminal Court of Santiago del Estero. In recent days, the Public Prosecutor has issued a preliminary statement and requests that the directors of the Great Ape Project be present, the body that would bring Monti to Brazil.
The case of Monti has its precedent in the writ of habeas corpus through which the freedom of Suiça was ordered in 2005, in Salvador de Bahía (Brazil), but which could not be carried out as the chimpanzee died of poison before it could leave.

Source: Unoentrerios

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