Three people arrested as the presumed perpetrators of a crime of abuse against a mare in Cella (Teruel)

As a result of the appearance of the remains of a mare in the vicinities of Cella (Teruel) on 8 June, the Civil Guard started an investigation which concluded that the remains had been deposited in the place, with the sacrifice not having occurred in that location.

Finally, on 19 June, police proceeded to arrest the mare’s owner, A.H.N., aged 31, its caretaker J.M.C.T., 31 and J.G.B., 22, as the suspects in the presumed crime of animal abuse. One of them as the perpetrator and the others as accomplices.

According to the investigation, the mare’s owner and caretaker decided to sacrifice the animal, as such, they contacted a third person to kill the mare. Later they contacted other people to take the animal apart and sold the meat to another person unconnected to the events, who finally threw the remains in a container.

Source: Albacete

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