Request to the Government of Navarra to clarify the state of all animal abuse charges presented since 1994 and supposedly archived

On 1 July 2014 the Animalist Party – PACMA [Party against Animal Abuse and Cruelty] and various animal protector associations in Navarra have met with the Delegation for the Environment of the Government of Navarra with the goal of dealing with the state of reports for animal abuse filed in this Community for presumed infractions of Law of the Autonomous Community 7/1994, of 31 May, on Animal Protection, as for many years no administrative action at all has been observed with this respect to this issue.

Regarding the information available (PACMA has requested written information about the records) the Department of the Environment denies their jurisdiction on this topic, in a way that the reports received have been archived or remitted to other departments.

Source: EcoNoticias

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