President of the O Santiaguiño foundation charged on the presumption of animal abuse

In the month of February, SEPRONA detected an abnormal rate of mortality among horses in the area Pico de Medas de Zas (A Coruña), leading to an investigation, which concluded that this was due to digestive problems due to a deficient quantity of water and food ingested. Furthermore, six deaths were due to attacks by wolves.

This area holds the rescue center where the Regional Government brings horses which are found in public spaces with identification.

SEPRONA [Service for the Protection of Nature] considers the president of the O Santiagiño de Carreira association, a horse protector association, to be responsable for the death of 20 horses, as such he has been charged as the presumed perpetrator of the crime of animal abuse.

Source: La Voz de Galicia
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