Man travels with a dog tied to the car bumper (Asturias). Reports for misdemeanor or crime of animal abuse.

The Local Police of El Entrego (Asturias) has transferred the findings to Court no. 2 of Pola de Laviana on a presumed misdemeanor of animal abuse against a man who was travelling with a dog tied to the rear bumper of his vehicle. According to police sources, the animal, a mixed breed mastiff, was freed with injuries in the paws of his hind legs. The man stated that he had tied the animal to the car because he was taking it to the veterinarian and the animal would not enter the vehicle.

For its part, the Asociación Nacional Animales con Derechos y Libertad (National Association for Animals with Rights and Freedom, ANADEL) has lodged a complaint against this man on the presumption of animal abuse established in article 337 of the Criminal Code, as, according to the evidence presented, the animal presented bleeding wounds on its four legs, as well as scrapes in the lower part of the body, as a consequence of contact with the asphalt.

ANADEL has also requested from the Court, as a precautionary measure, the immediate confiscation of the animal, which was returned with consent from the Local Police to its owner, the son of the man charged.

Source: LNE
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