Man charged for letting two horses and a dog die

D.T.L., a 34-year old resident of Daimiel (Ciudad Real), has been arrested and charged on the presumption of a crime against fauna and abuse of domestic animals after the investigation led by SEPRONA [Service for the Protection of Nature] of the Civil Guard of Daimiel. The events were reported in District Court Number 2 of Daimiel.

According to lEPRONA, the investigations were started after a resident called reporting bad odors coming from the cadaver of a horse that was found on a plot of land in Daimiel. SEPRONA observed that not only was it a cadaver but that there was also another horse in a serious state of malnutrition and dehydration, and a third horse inside a ditch, covered in water and covered with straw.

In the continuous industrial unit, the body of a dog was found. According to the veterinary report by the City Councils of Castilla-La Mancha, the cause of the animals’ death was starvation due to abandonment.

Source: Publico

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