A livestock farmer charged for presumed abandon and animal abuse in Burgos

The 40 year old owner of a farm locate in La Demanda (Burgos) has been charged for non-compliance of the regulation on animal welfare, for keeping the livestock in bad hygienic and nutritional conditions.

According to SEPRONA [Service for the Protection of Nature], 15 infractions regarded to Animal Health and Companion Animal Welfare were encountered. During the investigation, 37 animals were found in lamentable sanitary conditions.

The feeding and water bowls were empty without any food or liquid. The bovine livestock (a cow and 17 calves) showed an elevated state of malnutrition.

Eight dogs were found in the buildings, each one tied to their respective chain and without any identification. Six caged chickens were also found, as well as two sheep and three loose goats. And, also the cadaver of a goat in advanced stage of decomposition and the remains of a canine outside.

Due to the lack of hygiene and animal health in the pavilions, a plague of fleas had been produced.

Source: El Norte de Castilla

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