Illegal traffic of puppies coming from Slovakia, reported in Seville

Operation “Puppy” carried out by SEPRONA [Service for the Protection of Nature] of Seville has finished by charging five residents of La Rinconada and Tomares (Seville), between 38 and 42 years old, as the perpetrators of an illegal puppy trafficking ring.

The investigation started due to the high number of puppies which died and/or were ill from serious illnesses such as the parvovirus and moquillo canino. All these puppies were sold by the same pet store and canine salon. After inspecting the installations, agents were able to find out that the store had received the puppies from Slovakia.

The puppies have been placed in quarantine, although more than half have died due to the illness.

According to the investigation, the company acquired the puppies for 30 Euros each in Slovakia, not caring about the puppies’ health or age. Later these were sold on the internet for an average of 300 Euros, provided with false documentation (according to the statement by SEPRONA).

Source: La Información

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