Father and son arrested for presumed animal abuse in Bullas (Murcia)

Blas V. and his son, residents of Bullas (Murcia) and with criminal records, have been arrested as the authors of a presumed crime of animal abuse.

In their three farms, a total of 22 ferrets, 21 dogs and 6 horses were found in terrible states, fed with cold potatoes and almost without water, without areas to hide from the sun and the dogs with fleas and ticks. Also they found a large quantity of dogs which had died.

Now after their arrest, the farms have been sealed and the animals have been relocated to a refuge in Valladolid.

Blas V. had already been arrested in 2011 for animal abuse, after agents found 125 malnourished animals. His son was also arrested for having an illegal refuge, where 120 dogs were found in deplorable conditions.

Source: Schnauzi
La Verdad

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