A dog caretaker charged on the presumption of animal abuse in Zaragoza

A 28 year old resident of Garrapinillos (Zaragoza) has been charged by SEPRONA [Service for the Protection of Nature] of the Civil Guard as the presumed perpetrator of animal abuse.

According to the findings provided by SEPRONA, on 5 August they found a dead dog, a boxer, floating in the Imperial Canal of Aragón, wrapped in a bed sheet and tied by a cord to a block of concrete, with signs of violence.

The animal had a microchip, which made it possible to locate the owner, who indicated that the animal was under the care of a family member.

Finally the family member who had the dog under her care was located, and she was charged on the presumption of animal abuse. The findings have been passed to the Judge of the Civil Guard of Zaragoza.

Source: %0D%0Ahttp://www.aragondigital.es/noticia.asp?notid=123256">Heraldo

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