Declare traditional bullfight show the ''toro enmaromado'' of Astudillo (Palencia). ANPBA appeal that declaration

The Consejería of Fomento and Environment of Castilla y León approve an order of 31th July of 2014 for which declare like traditional bullfight spectacle the ''Toro enmaromado'' that takes place in local festival of Astudillo (Palencia).

This order, that was publicated on 5th September of 2014 in Official Bulletin of Castilla y León, has been appealed by ANPBA, to compress that is a show of abuse and death of an animal that suffer and feel. This show has been object of some administrative fines for lack of authorization. In an Auto of 20th January of 2005, The Audiencia Provincial of Palencia declared that ''enmaromar'' bulls is a obvious mistreatment for a bovine race animal.

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