Ceuta finalizes the processes to approve the Regulation on Animal Ownership

The Autonomous City of Ceuta made public in the Official Bulletin of the City of Ceuta on 1 October 2013 that in its session celebrated on 13 September the Project for Regulating Animal Ownership, Protection and Welfare was approved.

Currently, the Regulation for Animal Ownership, Protection and Welfare has been remitted to the Council of State for its definitive approval.

Other important aspects of this regulation are the stipulation relating to dogs so that they "have a time no less than an hour daily during which they will be free from leashes and outside the homes or habitations where they normally live", having "adequate and necessary space, ventilation, humidity, temperature, light and shelter to satisfy their vital needs and welfare”; and in the case they are tied, "the length of the leash will be the measurement resulting from multiplying the distance of the snout to the start of the tail, in no case less than three meters".

On the other hand, it is established that individuals can only breed their animals on one occasion and always and when “they fulfill the sanitary-hygienic maintenance requirements of welfare and security for the animal and for the people”.

Source: El Diario

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