Marine Lercier

Marine Lercier

Marine Lercier is a French lawyer specialized in European Union law, Public International Law, International Humanitarian and Criminal Law, Transitional Justice and Human Rights.

She completed her Law degree at the University of Rouen, followed by post-graduate Master’s studies at the University of Aix-Marseille, France (Master 1 and Master 2) and then at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (M.A.) before studying Animal Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. During her Master in Animal Law and Society, she specialized in Horse Welfare and Equine Law.

She did several internships, including during the Master’s program with the Foundation 30 Millions d'Amis in Paris, a leader in animal protection in France, where she conducted researches on a bill proposal to recognize the legal personhood of animals in France.

She is currently a researcher at ICALP, PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law of the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Global Law and Human Security in the field of Animal Law, Assistant-Editor of the legal review dA: Derecho Animal (Forum of Animal Law Studies) and Assistant Professor in Animal Law and Welfare and in Roman Law, within the framework of a Research Staff in Training (PIF) contract with the Autonomous University of Barcelona until 2021.

Her main interests in Animal Law are the legal personality and fundamental rights of animals, the reform of the legal status of animals, human-animal legal relations such as the work of animals, the protection of horses, the status of animals during human conflicts and the globalization of animal law.


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  • The internships of students of the 7th edition of the Master's Degree in Animal Law and Society (onsite) during which a report was written and will be shortly published by ICALP, entitled ‘The impact of livestock farming on the environment, on human health, on global security and on animal welfare’.

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