Desacralization of life and climate emergency

Francisco Capacete González

Author: Francisco Capacete González.
Practicing lawyer specializing in Animal Law. Licensed by the Balearic Law School. Master in Animal Law and Society by the UAB. Balearic representative of the Great Ape Project. Advisor of the animal protection platform BALDEA, of the animal protection Basta Ya de Maltrato Animal and the Mapache Sanctuary. He has collaborated in the modification of the Animal Protection Law of the Balearic Islands for the prohibition of bullfighting. He has worked on the drafting of the Regulations for the Animal Protection Center of the municipalities of Ibiza and Calviá and on the draft animal protection ordinance of the municipality of Sant Antoni de Portmany. He teaches workshops and training seminars for officials and individuals on animal rights. Articulist and philosopher.

One of the causes of the acceleration of processes linked to climate change is the desacralization of life and nature. The absence of radical appreciation of the planet, of the species, of the same human beings, of the public, of life as a whole, has produced an excessive exploitation of resources and an appropriation of the environment without respecting the rhythms of natural replacement.

Keywords: Climate emergency, climate change, sacred, nature, planet, desacralization.

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