Stop the export of live animals

Author: Animals' Angels
Date: March 2019

This video shows the transport of 66 pregnant heifers from Germany to Uzbekistan (2019) and the bad welfare conditions of these animals. They leave Germany and cross some Eastern European countries to reach Uzbekistan. The road is often icy and the weather conditions are very bad (wind, frost, extreme cold). The 66 pregnant heifers are unloaded at the Belarusian-Russian border after being left in the trucks for days. Despite this manner of transporting cattle, the heifers are still alive at the final destination. This is not always the case, as some animals do not survive under similar conditions. The transport of live animals should no longer be permitted over long distances. This is the commitment that Animals’ Angels has made. Animals' Angels is an animal protection organization specialized in farm animal transport. The Director Julia Havenstein, and the representatives Helena Bauer and Silvia Meriggi, are Alumni of the Master in Animal Law and Society (UAB).

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Keywords: protection of animals during transport; Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005



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