More than a master

Master que un master


Author: Oliver Wookey, Alumni from the 6th edition of the Master’s in Animal Law and Society
Translation: Melanie Montenegro Pérez

Studying the Master’s in Animal Law and Society is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in working for the benefit of animals to better themselves both academically and professionally, to find pleasure in the exchange of ideas and feelings with open and like-minded others, and as a perfect next step toward helping to make a more animal-friendly world.

But in addition to all this, I would also say that from my experience, the chance to pursue this opportunity in Barcelona adds realms of pleasure and possibility that can fill this year of study with life-changing growth and experience. I honestly feel that it was the combination of the study and the lifestyle that made this opportunity truly special, for it was particularly the personal and communal elements of the course that provided the most advantages for me as a student, and the lifestyle I was able to enjoy for the rest of the time there, the ability to sustain myself as a student by simultaneously working, and the time, room and motivation for personal growth and enjoyment that ensured the experience was as fulfilling as possible.


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