The Master in Animal Law and Society builds new partnerships with Animal Protection Organizations



The Lliga Protectora d’Animals de Sabadell is dedicated to fostering respect and good treatment of animals, and to safeguarding their protection. In particular, they promote the neutering of companion animals to combat and prevent the plague of massive abandonment by controlling the reproduction features. Their missions thus include building a culture of responsible ownership among society, a society they wish adopts rather than buys companions. The polyvalent team relies on professionals and volunteers to seek for the best living conditions in their shelter.

The Provedoria dos Animais de Lisboa  is a non-governmental organization whose core mission consists in ensuring the defense, welfare and protection of animals, by promoting and monitoring prosecution over the interests and rights of animals.

The Wildlife Justice Commission works towards ending wildlife crime (poaching, trafficking of protected wildlife species), which global consequences are disastrous to the ecosystems and human societies in spite of the international and national regulations already in place, by investigating criminal networks on the field and collecting evidence on those who are profiting most.

We warmly thank the LLiga Protectora d'Animals de Sabadell, the Provedoria dos Animais de Lisboaand the Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC) for their trust and collaboration and assure them of our full support in their work, each and every one of them aiming at improving the treatment of animals in society in their field of expertise.




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