Professor Steven M. Wise in the Master in Animal Law and Society of the UAB

Profesor Steven M. Wise en el Máster en Derecho Animal y Sociedad de la UAB

Professor Steven M. Wise in the Master in Animal Law and Society of the UAB:

On Thursday and Friday, June 5-6, starting at 3:30 p.m. in Aula 1 of the Faculty of Law of the UAB, the class entitled Legal personhood and the Nonhuman Rights Project will be taught by Professor Steven M. Wise in the Master in Animal Law and Society.

Steven M. Wise is founder and director of the Nonhuman Rights Project. The purpose of the Nonhuman Rights Project is to attain legal personhood for nonhuman animals through litigation. First law suits were filed in December 2013 at the New York State court and in the April 2014 The New York Times Magazine has dedicated a cover story to the Nonhuman Rights Project where as well a part of an upcoming movie - Unlocking the Cage (D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus have been following the work of Steven M. Wise and the Nonhuman Rights Project) has been presented.

Professor Wise teaches “Animal Rights Jurisprudence” at the Vermont, Lewis and Clark, University of Miami, and St. Thomas Law Schools, and has taught “Animal Rights Law” at the Harvard Law School and John Marshall Law School.  He is the author of four books: Rattling the Cage – Toward Legal Rights for Animals (2000), Drawing the Line – Science and the Case for Animal Rights (2003), Though the Heavens May Fall – The Landmark Trial That Led to the End of Human Slavery (2005), and An American Trilogy – Death, Slavery, and Dominion Along the Banks of the Cape Fear River (2009).

We also remind you that Prof. Wise, will speak at the second Global Animal Law Conference, which will take place for the first time at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.  (for more information please visit:  Prof. Wise will be among the 28 speakers over 15 counties, brought together to discuss the many and varied animal law issues and challenges.

We are very much looking forward for Professors Wise fourth visit to Masters of Animal Law and Society where he will be sharing with us his wide knowledge and explain us recent happenings and developments connected to the Nonhuman Rights Project.

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