Prof. Dr. Robert T. Hall, today at the Master in Animal Law & Society: Social Constructivism and casuistry in bioethics: Animal rights and advance directive

Prof. Dr. Robert T . Hall

Casuistry is a medieval methodology applied ethics recently revived in bioethics. Based on the assumption that morality is a social construction and on a critique of the dominant approach in modern bioethics - principalism - casuistry affirms the social relativism of applied ethics and adopts an anti-theoretical stance. As examples of modern casuistry in bioethics this presentation will develop an ethical perspective on animal rights and a critical analysis of advance directive laws.

Prof. Dr. Hall, Philosophy-Theology and Sociology PhD, actually is the coordinator of the Bioethics Program: Direction of Research and Postgraduate by the Autonomous University of Querétano (Mexico) as well as professor at the Philosohy, Chemistry, Sociology and Natural Science. In the past he had been medical ethics, philosophy and sociology professor in some American and Mexian Universities. He had also been dean at the Social Science Faculty in the West Virginia University. He had been member of several clinical bioethics committees since 1980 until today.


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