Jean Pierre Marguenaud in the Masters: Streaming Retransmission

Jean Pierre Marguenaud

This Thursday and Friday, 7-8 March, starting at 3:30 p.m., a lecture by Jean Pierre Marguenaud will take place in Aula 3 [Room 3] of the Facultad de Derecho [Faculty of Law] of the UAB in the Masters in Animal Law and Society within the module entitled: “Analysis of the legal configuration of animals in France”.

Professor Marguenaud will analyze the protection of animals have within French law thanks to their consideration as sensitive beings. As such, the consequences that this consideration has, or can have, on the legal statute of animals in France will be studied.

Marguenaud is a renowned Professor of Private Law, Criminal Sciences and Animal Law at the Université de Limoges. The author of numerous works, he is the Founder of the first journal of Animal Law in Europe: “Revue semestrielle de droit animalier” [Bi-Annual Review of Animal Law]

The classes by Professor Marguenaud, will be retransmitted streaming on the follow link starting at 3:30 p.m.

We invite you to participate online in this interesting class.


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