Alumni, new Master's section

Alumni, nueva sección del Máster
We are grateful to introduce the section Alumni, whose goal is to make public all the former students that have studied the Master Degree in Animal law and Society at the UAB.

Our intention by creating this section is to allow the communication and to create a networking of specialists. Besides, we also want to make public all the professional achievements and all the work done in favor of the animals by all the Alumni.

One of the reasons to study a Master Degree like ours is not only to acquire some knowledge related to Animal law (knowledge which is undoubtedly provided by all the teachers), but also to meet some other people with their same preoccupations regarding animal welfare. All our students have in common the fact that they are actively interested in Animal Law and they all want to improve animal welfare from their respective professional fields: lawyers, political scientists, educators, biologists, veterinarians, translators, members of the security forces ...

To create a section like this one is a great satisfaction and a simple homage for all the people who have made efforts in favor of the animals. It is also flattering for us, as it means that there are in the labor market professionals with technical abilities enough as to defend animals from a juridical, rigorous and solid point of view.

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