The students of the Master Degrees in Animal Law and Society visited the CRAM Foundation

Fundación CRAM

Last Thursday 24 of May some students of Animal Law and Society Master's degree visited the CRAM Foundation (Center for the Conservation and Recovery of Marine Animals), located in El Prat del Llobregat.

Students driven by Dr. Ferran Alegre, Veterinarian and Director of the center, visited the facilities of CRAM during two hours and the projects that in which center nowadays being carried out; recovering of sea turtles, seabirds and cetaceans, besides the effort to awareness and ensure that human activities have the least impact for these animals. First of all, they visited the pool where there are smaller sea turtles and where they could see why the sea turtles had arrived in this center and how they were being recovered. Moreover, they visited the cetaceans’ pool, but nowadays are living the larger sea turtles of the center. Furthermore, they were in educational classrooms of holdings made to sharks and about the different types of intensive fishing and how they affect marine ecosystems. To complete, Dr. Alegre showed them the surgical and veterinary facilities where they develop more severe cases.

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