Magda Oranich: A huge majory of our society is against animal mistreatment

Magda Oranich

AUTHOR: Marc Ponce (Journalist)

PUBLICATION PLACE: dA web Center, May2012.


Human Rights, Women's Rights and now Animal Rights. For this order, these were the objectives of the lawyer Magda Oranich, founder and chairman of the Committee for Protection of Animal Rights.
Animals can combine to perfection Law and feelings. As she says, "no one is saying thathe loved animals and no longer want."
Looking back, Magda Oranich recalls "if when we were studying in the Faculty of Law had raised any questions about animal rights, we would have been brought to a psychiatric". But in 2012, she is very proud of the work already done and is optimistic about the future. For her, animal rights have reached a point of no return: education has created a sensitive culture towards animals. And in the field of civil law, the presence of Animal Law and is a reality.

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Interview catalan, spanish

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