Lecture from Prof Heron Santana Gordillo: The Brazilian experience with 'Habeas Corpus' for large simians

Grandes simios
On Friday 29th June at 5:00 p.m., the lecture "THE BRAZILIAN EXPERIENCE WITH "HABEAS CORPUS" FOR LARGE SIMIANS" by Professor Heron Santana Gordillo will be held in the Von Jhering room of the Faculty of Law of the UAB.

Prof Heron Santana Gordillo, Professor at the Federal University of Bahia, Supreme Court Judge, is one of the world's leading promoters of acknowledging the rights of large simians. In his teaching and research work, he has instructed many professionals and researchers in Animal Rights.

One of Prof Santana Gordillo's actions that has had the most repercussion was to obtain "Habeas Corpus" for a chimpanzee called Suiça at the Bahia city zoo.

We hope you can attend.


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