Interview with Andrea Gavinelli

Entrevista con Andrea Gavinelli

AUTHOR: Marc Ponce (Journalist)

PUBLICATION PLACE: dA web Center, June 2012.


The start of animal welfare rules in the EU was on 1974. It started with the rule of animal welfare killing, that was done to put together the requirements for the standing of the animal following the time there are few member states, to put them all in the same condition of operation. It was not really only for welfare, it was also for a market regulation. Was promoted mainly by market motivation, but then we discussed some elements of animal protection at the time. The reason for a producing directive in animal welfare is bases in science, really that demonstrated that was necessary to take out of a particular farming situation, that were not really compatible with the animal welfare and physiology. Every single piece of legislation have a real welfare motivation for ex. Introduce maximum times for the transporting.

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