Michigan State University, new partner of the Master degree in Animals and Society which will be held at the UAB

La Universidad de Michigan, nueva entidad colaboradora del Máster en Derecho Animal y Sociedad que se impartirá en la UAB

The Michigan State University has joined the large list of partners which collaborate with the Master degree in Animals and Society which will take place at the Faculty of Law of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) from October 2011 to June 2012.

The Animal Legal and Historical Center of the College of Law of the Michigan State University is an entity with a great importance in the ambit of Animal law, thanks to the direction and organization of Professor David Favre, who has written several books and articles related to animal cruelty, animal testing... Of all his books, we can emphasize Animal Law and Dog Behavior, Animal Law: Welfare, Interest, and Rights, and International Trade in Endangered Species. Professor Favre is an eminence at the study of Animal law in the USA.

The incorporation of the Michigan State University as a partner supposes such a great advance towards the internationalization of our Master degree, the first one of this kind that has ever taken place in whole Europe, and which follows the steps of the Postgraduate Diploma in Animals, Law and Society which was also hold ath the UAB since last January 2011, and which was a great deal and which had great references.

Without any doubt, Michigan State Univerity will give us the experience and knowledge of the legislation of a country like the USA which, in terms of Animal law, is very advanced and has been a real pioneer.

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