Raffaela Cersosimo

Raffaela Cersosimo

This Master is unique from three points of view: scientific, ethic and legal. This interdisciplinary approach is fundamental to understand the complex issues related to animals and take actions in their interest. The strength of this Master consists in its rigorous program taught by professors and experts coming from all over the world. The researches carried out during the course enhance knowledge and analytical skills, while the internship offers the opportunity to deal with real life challenges. To advocate for animals, a strong cross-curricular background is needed at any level of commitment, whether personal or professional. Attending this Master is the best way to achieve this goal.

Raffaela Cersosimo (Italia)
Ed. 2016-2017
Current job


Why did you choose this Master?

I chose this Master to promote respect for animals through education, training and communication.

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