Oliver Wookey

Oliver Wookey

The Master – one of the only of its kind – was a brilliant opportunity to gain an excellent understanding of the current treatment of animals in the realms of law, philosophy, ethics, environmental and behavioural sciences, and other disciplines. The topics covered by the Master were diverse and in-depth, with expert teaching and focused, accessible resources. I personally feel that having completed the Master, I am in a brilliant position to advocate for animals on a professional level, and I hope that it continues to grow in size and popularity as concerns for animals become greater throughout society.

Oliver Wookey (Reino Unido)
Ed. 2016-2017
Current job


Why did you choose this Master?

The Master was a perfect next step for me, as a prospective graduate of law with a strong interest in animal ethics, wellbeing, and anything relating to their relationship with humans and position in society.

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