Loïs Lelanchon

Loïs Lelanchon

The Master in Animal Law and Society offers an incredible platform for students desiring to develop legal and policy skills in the field of animal law, animal welfare and wildlife conservation. While the Master’s focuses in details on the relevant international treaties, and European Union legislation relevant to the treatment of animals, national and local provisions are also addressed to illustrate best practices.  In addition, the programme offers an opportunity for students to follow and acquire a bilingual education in Spanish and English.

Loïs Lelanchon (Francia)
Ed. 2012-2013
Current job

Animal Rescue Program Officer, International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Why did you choose this Master?

As an emerging and innovative legal discipline, education in animal law is not yet available in numerous universities across the world. Currently, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is the only European university that is offering a Master’s programme in animal law.

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