Laia García Aliaga

Laia García Aliaga

This Master is not only a course in which you go to class and listen to the explanations from some professors. Actually, I would say it is an experience. It is focused on a very wide audience, so the training is less concrete than in other masters or similar courses that I have studied, but everything is focused on animal welfare and there are several classes on legislation that I could take advantage of. Also, the classes on veterinary and welfare at the biological level were very beneficial for my growth as an activist and as a professional.

My edition was mostly in English, which should be taken into account when enrolling. The elaboration of monthly practices seems to me a good way to choose eight or nine subjects in which to deepen every seven or eight classes and to be able to get even more out of learning.

The Final work of Master is an exhausting but enriching experience to the fullest. Anyway, what I would highlight, was the visit to IRTA, which brought me knowledge and experiences, as well as feelings that I will never forget.

The practices I made in the OPAB were for me a pleasant experience, although I missed a greater interaction with real cases that they received at the Office, but the project that was entrusted to me was very interesting and the tutors of my practices were much involved in it.

The truth is that it was a positive experience that also allowed me to meet wonderful people with whom, still years later, I keep the contact with, for the animals.

Laia García Aliaga (España)
Ed. 2015-2016
Current job

I am a lawyer, specialized in Animal Law, Family Law and non-profit associations, working in my own office. for more info.

Why did you choose this Master?

Because it was the first in Spain and it brought here international teachers, as for the great level of the university too.

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