Jorge Alves de Sousa

Jorge Alves de Sousa

The master has some teachers that have done so much for animals worldwide, with such an inspiring message of hope and how with work we can make a difference in the lifes of millions of animals. The monthly assignemnts helped in getting deeper in the class subjects, as well as the thesis which contributed a lot to my current knowledge about animal law. I recommend it to anyone from any área if interested in making life for animals better since the subjects inside the master are so vast and Deep anyone can find its own place.

Jorge Alves de Sousa (Portugal)
Ed. 2016-2017
Current job


Why did you choose this Master?

I choose this master because it had a focus on animal law, a subject i am very interested in since the legislation is getting better in my country and wanted to help it getting better and better to help the animals and i went to the master to learn the tools on how to make that change.

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