Chiara Francesca Bellone de Grecis

Chiara Bellone

My opinion of the Master is overall very positive and has certainly contributed in many ways to my subsequent experiences. I had the opportunity to deepen the issues that I most care about from different angles: basics of biology, essential to understand animals and their needs; the current legal frameworks in place to protect them and its challenges; and finally, philosophy and ethics to understand the different existing perceptions on the animals’ place within society throughout history. The course saw the contribution of important professionals in the field of animal law and ethics from the academic world and beyond. It included interesting case studies and comparative studies; field trips; the possibility to actively contribute via research groups and articles/papers; and an internship within one of the numerous and relevant partner animal welfare associations (just think of Humane Society International, Four Paws and more). I believe the Master has profoundly contributed not only to deepening my knowledge in the field, but also in confirming my passions and my path, alongside enriching my life with new friends and passionate colleagues. Having the possibility to share this experience with such a different range of international professionals and passionate students has been a clear added value both professionally and life-wise.

Chiara Francesca Bellone de Grecis (Italia)
Ed. 2014-2015
Current job

Communication Officer in FEFANA, association representing at EU level companies producing specialty ingredients for animal nutrition. FEFANA facilitates the dialogue between EU institutions and feed business operators while promoting feed and food safety and a fair and competitive market. (Brussels, Belgium)
Previously trainee at the Council of the European Union, Directorate General for Agriculture, Unit for Veterinary and Plant Health questions. (Brussels, Belgium).

Why did you choose this Master?

I have always been passionate about animals and issues revolving around them. Given my background in Political Science and studies mainly related to the EU framework and functioning, I thought the Master would be the perfect bridge between my expertise and my passions.

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