Historia del Gato

Helena Escoda Casas
Ediciones Hades , 2019
For a mouse, a cat is a lion. Spanish proverb The Anthology History of the Cat is the second publication of Helena Escoda Casas, student of the first promotion of the Postgraduate degree of Animal Law (2011) and Anthrozoology (2015), both taught at UAB. The research has consisted in documenting the…

Animal Law in the Third Reich

Martina Pluda
ICALP. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona , 2019
What do National Socialism and animal law have in common? Indeed, when talking about animal welfare and species conservation, one cannot overlook the fact that the laws emanated in the Third Reich were amongst the first to regulate these matters in a structured and unified manner. For obvious reasons,…

Les liens entre éthique et droit. L’exemple de la question animale

Lucille Boisseau-Sowinski, Delphine Tharaud (sous la direction de)
L’Harmattan , 2019
In the Western legal tradition, Ethics and Law are considered as different fields. In fact, Law is a system of rules, usually made by a legislature, to regulate the behaviours of the member of a society, recognized as binding and enforced by the public authority. Conversely, Ethics deals with the…

Animal Advocacy and Environmentalism. Understanding and Bridging the Divide

Amy J. Fitzgerald
Polity Press , 2019
Although the debate involves animals, there are conflicting positions between advocates interested in animal defence and those interested in environmental issues. The key issues where their opinions diverge pertain to sport hunting, zoos, aquaria, fur and industrial animal agriculture. However, the…

Pan y toros

Juan Ignacio Codina
Plaza y Valdés , 2018
PAN Y TOROS. A brief history of Spanish anti-bullfighting Thinking, edited by Plaza and Valdés and written by PhD Juan Ignacio Codina Segovia, the book brings together the main conclusions drawn from the doctoral thesis Anti-Bullfighting Thinking in Spain, from the Enlightenment of the 18th century…

Droit Animalier

Muriel Falaise
Editions Bréal. Collection Lexifac Droit , 2018
Animal Law constitutes a new legal branch that brings together the set of rules relating to animals. This work exposes, in a clear and concise way, the context in which Animal Law has arisen, through the presentation of its different legal sources.

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