Human/Animal Relationships in Transformation: Scientific, Moral and Legal Perspectives

Augusto Vitale y Simone Pollo (editores)
The Palgrave Macmillan Animal Ethics Series , 2022
Ethics of Human/Animal Relationships is a growing feld of acadèmic research and a topic for public discussion and regulatory interventions from law-makers, government and private institutions (such as scientifc societies and farming industries). 

Cultures félines (XVIIIe-XXIe siècle) Les chats créent leur histoire

Éric Baratay
Éditions du Seuil , 2021
This book presents domestic cats through papers, which was written between the mid 18th and early 21st centuries. The feline portraits that emerge from these historical documents are striking. Each feline shows its own personality and behavior that changes and adapts to different situations. Written…

Animal welfare in China

Peter J. Li
Sydney University Press , 2021
The plight of animals in China has attracted intense interest in recent times. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, speculation about the origins of the virus have sparked global curiosity Speculation about the origins of COVID-19 has sparked curiosity about how animals are treated, traded, and consumed…

Law and Veganism. International Perspectives on the Human Right to Freedom of Conscience

Rowan & Littlefield , 2021
We currently live in a consumer society. Consumerism is the ideology of a society in which the whole of social life is penetrated and even structured by the economy. We want to buy something, we have it within the hour, we are hungry, we open our fridge full of food. But in the end, do we always…

Animal Law in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Worldwide: Collection of Essays

Baidedinova, M., Dalpane, F. , Chernyaeva, D. (Editors)
Almati , 2021
This book is a small collection of essays on animals and the law. The essays discuss a waste range of subjects: the legal standing of animals, animal abuse, and the legal regulation of the use of animals in diferent areas. The authors represent diferent jurisdictions: Russian Federation, Republic of…

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