Sauver l’homme par l’animal

Georges Chapouthier
Odile Jacobs Sciences , 2020
Ethology has shown that animals possess amazing cognitive, emotional and affective capabilities. These capabilities also belong to human beings, and they should emerge more. Written by Georges Chapouthier, renowned French researcher, neurobiologist and philosopher, this book offers an original…

El fatal destino de Roma

Kyle Harper
Editorial Crítica , 2019
Can climate change and infectious diseases contribute to the fall of a great empire? This original book by Kyle Harper (University of Oklahoma, USA), published in 2017 under the title "The Fate of Rome" and translated into 12 languages, shows those decided the fate of the Roman Empire. Moving from…

Thinking Veganism in Literature and Culture - Towards a Vegan Theory

Emelia Quinn, Benjamin Westwood (Eds.)
Palgrave Macmillan , 2018
Who is a vegan? What a vegan think? Can a vegan live in a carnivore world? Is it possible to acquire a vegan mental attitude? Is it possible to protect veganism as a fundamental freedom related to creed? Through the contribution of experts in animal studies, this book offers a deep analysis of…

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