Coronavirus y animales

Webinar Coronavirus and Animals


The ICALP is glad to present a four weeks Webinar Series “Coronavirus and Animals. The human-animal relationship in pandemic society”

It will be very intense as our agenda is extremely ambitious. We are expecting 28 speakers from over 15 countries, as well as attendees from all over the world, and are seeking to create a space for discussion and exchange, which will help set the legal and scholarly agenda for Animal Law in the following years. The panels will cover a huge variety of topics regarding Animal Law and Animal Welfare issues, ranging from China to Australia. It will be a unique opportunity to bring together some of the best minds of the field in a multidisciplinary scenario of dialogue and debate.

We try to enrich reflection on how society can change the paradigms that have led us to this situation: industrial activities such as agriculture, farming and aquaculture; the conservation of wild fauna in all its entirety; cohabitation with urban animals; social responsibility towards climate change and the preservation of biodiversity; entertainment, fashion and social relations culture; animal experimentation; transparency and consumer awareness that demands a better understanding of how to ensure animal welfare; global sector governance requiring global agreements that go beyond the EU; public policies recognising animal sentience; the contribution of eco-centric ethical awareness. In all, these are just some of the topics we could contribute towards knowing more to better help animals.

Our goal is to bring together some the best legal and scientific representatives of transversal specialties to discuss the many and varied issues that animals present to a wide assortment of cultures and countries around the world at a time in which improving the lives of animals is improving the lives of citizens.

As intellectuals, professionals and academics we have a special responsibility to respond coherently to society and, in particular, to all those who, like us, are interested in and work for the Animal Cause. It is the time to take on challenges that can help many to have security and stimulation at a time in which the collapse of the past places us before a new way of relating with all beings that surround us, and with nature.

The Webinar will take place throughout June and July by way of 30 minute conferences available for all who sign up, and will be recorded in the individuals choice of language (preferably English or Castilian).

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