Research methodology for Animal Law

Aula von Ihering. Facultat de Dret, UAB
Metodología de la investigación en Derecho Animal


Organized by: ICALP

Key Speaker: Prof. Dr. Marita Giménez-Candela

Participants: Martina Pluda, Miryam Olivera, Laure Gisie, Iván Fructuoso, Marine Lercier

The session is dedicated to review the Research Methodology in an emerging area of Law such as Animal Law, which presents different issues from other consolidated branches of the Law. The presentation will be made by Professor. Dr. Marita Giménez-Candela, Director of ICALP, who will be followed by the participation of the Doctoral Candidates of ICALP..

The legal research is based on elements and models that, with respect to Animal Law, acquire a new and very unknown dimension today. It is a question of how to move forward in a legal field, in which animals acquire a different consideration from that embodied in many of the legal texts and jurisprudence in force. .

The "animal vision" projects a new look at the Law and from the Law and dynamizes, from within, the bases on which we must raise the research work, which, as is our case in this session, takes the doctoral thesis as the starting point of a trajectory of intellectual growth..

From the perspective of the ICALP, research in Animal Law is nourished by interdisciplinary dialogue. The sciences of animal welfare, history, ethics and social sciences are called to meet in a debate that seeks to position animals according to the requirements of a 21st century society. .


Metodología de la investigación en Derecho Animal


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